K-Pop Statistics Germany



“K-Pop Statistics Germany” wants to develop a detailed image of K-Pop in Germany in order to help organisations and companys to organise K-Pop events in Germany better.


K-Pop Statistics Germany was founded in the beginning of 2012 and should function as an independant tool to create a better image of K-Pop in Germany. Thus, different surveys for different K-Pop companys were made and data about German K-Pop fans were collected.


2018 Germany’s K-Pop Ranking 2018

2014 Germany’s K-Pop Ranking 2014

2013 remarkable Awards 2013 “German Korean Entertainment Award”
2013 Germany’s K-Pop Ranking 2013
2013 Kim Jaejoong’s Fanmeeting / Concert in Germany for C-JeS Entertainment

2012 FT Island Concert in Germany for Germadonna
2012 B1A4 fan base in Europe for CJ E&M
2012 Block B fan meeting in Europe for Stardom Entertainment and CJ E&M
2012 MBLAQ Concert in Germany for J-Tune Camp
2012 Xia Junsu Solo Concert in Germany for C-JeS Entertainment
2012 General Survey about German K-Pop Fans