“Germany’s K-Pop Charts” is a monthly video project, in which the 20 most popular Korean songs of a month are listed.


In August 2010, the “German Asian Music Charts” were released for the first time. They grew out of the idea to build an instrument to capture the popularity of Asian music in Germany. Every month, the new releases of Korean, Japanese and Chinese music were voted on and a top 20 list was published. As early as a few months, the German Asian Music Charts gained a firm position in the K-Pop scene and become nationally and internationally known.

After three successful years, the German Asian Music Charts were turned into „Germany’s K-Pop Charts“, because on the last 35 editions a big advance towards Korean music was observed. Therefore the charts were release in a new light as from July 2013 and achieved a greater relevance.

Because of production reasons there were no Charts released from March 2015 till January 2016.



From the beginning, it was important to evaluate the songs not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. Hence, a special procedure was developed, where the German fans can vote for the new releases and the top 20 list of the month before. Each person decides on up to 10 songs, which he arranges qualitatively. After a statistical evaluation, the top 20 list is formed.

Since January 2017 fans can only vote for the new releases of the month.