haussession is a two part video project, which wants to rise attention for Korean music, especially Korean indie music. The first part is a live performance of the artist, the second is an interview, where the artist talks about their favorite music.

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Episode #2 – 윤회 (Gu Yoon Heo)

구윤회 (Gu Yoon Heo) “Another You” (Brian McKnight cover)
윤회 (Gu Yoon Heo)’s playlist + “Marry Me” live + interview (coming soon!)

Episode #1 – Park Juwon & Echae Kang

Park Juwon & Echae Kang “Sunny”
Park Juwon “슬픔의 피에스타 (Fiesta of Sorrows)”
Echae Kang’s playlist + “Maybe I did” live + interview
Park Juwon’s playlist + “I’ll be there” live + “The Time of Gypsy” live